What is the first step in permitting for a new or amended dock or seawall?
All marine construction requires a permit from DHEC-OCRM, and occasionally the Army Corp. of Engineers or Bureau of Water. The permits required vary and are determined by the location and/or scope of work. The first step in the process is determining what type of structure or amendment you want to make and what the allowable structure is based on your specific location. Charleston Dock & Repair works with our clients and the necessary agencies to determine the best solution for your marine construction needs. 

How long will it take to get my permit?
It typically takes an average of 60 days to obtain a permit. The permit is good for five years from the date of issue.

Does repair work require a permit?
The extent of the repair determines which avenue is taken to achieve permitted repair work. A maintenance and repair request can be submitted to OCRM at no cost. Then, they will determine if your project qualifies as a maintenance project.

Can I make additions to my dock without obtaining a permit?​​​​​​​
No additions can be made to a dock without obtaining the proper permit first. There are no exceptions to this rule, however, some changes may require a new survey of your dock. 

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