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Today Charleston Dock & Repair, LLC enjoys making your dock building process easy and timely.

Dream it.

Gary Graham had a vision of what a dock building and repair should look like, and he set his sights on creating a company based on excellence.

Build it.

Over the last two decades, Charleston Dock & Repair has consistently built a reputation for quality dock construction for new projects and expert repairs throughout the Lowcountry.

Grow it.

We continue to provide a service based on honesty, integrity, and superior quality construction and design. Our list of accomplishments is long, and we look forward to being the leading dock builder in the Lowcountry for decades to come!

What we do

We are industry leaders in dock building, design, and repairs in the Lowcountry. Our team of experts approaches each project with innovation, experience, and the willingness to build something amazing. Where others see roadblocks, we see a challenge, and our challenge is to provide the Lowcountry with functional, accessible, and durable access to waterways across Charleston and beyond for decades to come.

Experts in Marine Construction

Marine construction differs from all other types of construction due to the harsh conditions and multiple variables encountered in the process of planning and executing your project.

Many obstacles arise along the way, which require the need for quick problem-solving skills, ingenuity, and experience. All of those qualities are the cornerstone of solid marine construction. Our training and field experience allows us to offer the most comprehensive set of services in dock and walkway construction, dock repairs, floating docks, boat lifts and drive-ons, and erosion control in the industry. Our mission is to take any waterway project that you can envision and make it a reality.


Charleston Dock & Repair is honored to have been a part of historical renovations, amazing marine construction feats, and private dock building across the Lowcountry. Check out all of our design and construction completed projects.

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